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April Fool's Day Recipes for Mobile Food Cart


April begins with a day of fun and jokes---April Fool’s Day. No one really knows when this custom began but it has been kept for hundreds of years. April fool’s day is observed throughout the western world. Practices include sending someone on a “fool’s errand”, looking for things that do not exist, playing pranks, and trying to get people to believe ridiculous things.
So, April Fool’s Day is a good chance for mobile food cart food sale people. What are some funs and easy April fools day pranks that you pull on your food cart? You can used mealtimes to turn the tables and have some fun with food pranks, many of which will be a treat to eat even after the jokes over. All of these are quick and easy to pull off, with ingredients available at most grocery stores. Let’s see what they are.



* Gas 2-Tank Fryer

This gas fryer has many advantages such as all stainless steel construction, beautiful and elegant, durable and hymenia, and time-saving. It is widely applicable equipped with the mobile food cart.

Faux French fries: this April fool’s day, pull a fast one ( or better yet, a fast-food one!) On your kids by replacing a classic salty snack with a little something sweet, sugary fake fries.



* Electric Single Layer Pizza Oven
The bakery equipment can be used to make all kinds of pizza in 50-500°C. And it is convenient to operate and quick temperature-raising. The equipment can cook 4 pieces pizza at the same time.
Chicken not-pie: if your kids are fans of April fool’s day, they’ll love digging into this surprise dessert version of a traditional comfort food. it isn’t filled with chicken and vegetables in savory sauce, but full of candy and fruit look-alikes in sweet, creamy pudding.

pizza_warmer* Pizza Warmer
Our pizza warmer is made of high quality stainless steel, transparent glass at all glass, force hot air to convict.


It is easy to attract customers as it display pizza the best, generally used in restaurant, tea café and bakery shop.
Tortilla thin-crust pizza
: with a few simple ingredients, you can fool the kids while chiseling their sweet tooth when this April fool’s day recipe that looks like a pizza, but is really a sugary surprise.



* Electric Convection Oven with Glass Window
This electric convection oven has glass window, it can cook food much faster than conventional ovens. And also there is a big window outside, so you can see whether the cakes are ok or not.
Colorful cupcakes: the first surprise here, there’s not a grain of sugar in these cupcakes. The second surprise, your kids will love them anyway.
Cooking utensil: oven, muffin tin cups, bowl, cookie sheet


ice maker

* Ice Maker
The daily production is 18-20kg, water-saving and high efficiency. This ice maker can be applied to cinemas, KTV, western restaurants, bakeries, café houses, cold drink shops, fast food restaurants, ice factories, etc.
Ice-cream potatoes: a scoop of vanilla ice cream of frozen yogurt makes for convincing mashed potatoes. Set a helping on each plate and top with butterscotch or caramel sauce gravy just before serving.